Environmental Liability

A jury can be unpredictable, the experts at Terra Environmental can help prepare you for trial or help you avoid getting there.

Terra Environmental’s experienced staff has addressed a variety of environmental claims and has the experience and the knowledge to assist you and your legal counsel in resolving your environmental claim. Our extensive experience and knowledge allows us to properly assess the situation and determine potential solutions, and their estimated cost and expected results. Our experience with insurance claims enables us to accurately evaluate whether you are paying too much for a site investigation or remediation.  Furthermore, we can oversee an acceptable plan for obtaining the necessary No Further Action (NFA) status. Our environmental claims management services include:

  • Assisting in determining whether there is a liability
  • Technical cost proposal review
  • Usual and customary charges review
  • Projecting expenses for loss reserves
  • Subrogation support and file examinations
  • Remedial contractor oversight

Expert Witness and Litigation Support

The experts at Terra Environmental can provide expert testimony on technical environmental issues to support coverage and defense litigation. We have conducted and participated in numerous environmental investigations related to lawsuits and litigation support. Our extensive experience in the environmental field provides us with the ability to provide expert testimony and litigation support and to conduct environmental assessments as well as peer reviews that can be important to understanding environmental issues. We are able to translate highly technical, scientific information into real and practical terms, interpret technical information to assist attorneys in providing the best legal advice, and provide direction on pursuing or settling litigation issues associated with environmental claims. Terra Environmental has assisted both plaintiffs and defendants in furthering their positions.