Commercial Real Estate

Before your clients acquire a commercial property make sure that the proper due diligence has been done by asking the experts at Terra Environmental to complete a Phase I ESA.

As a real estate agent or broker, you have many obligations to your clients. One of those obligations is to ensure that a recognized environmental condition (REC) is not present before your client buys and assumes responsibility for a property. That is why a Phase I environmental site assessment (ESA) is an absolute necessity when purchasing commercial property. The purpose of the Phase I ESA is to determine whether or not there is any evidence of an REC which poses the threat of an environmental liability. This is important since your clients may be paying the cost of cleanup, not just for their property but also for any other contamination that may have originated on their property.

Many times, environmental firms delegate Phase I ESAs to less experienced staff who may be freshly out of college or new to the industry. As a result, these Phase I ESAs might be grossly inadequate in both content and scope! While you may think you are doing your due diligence by having a Phase I ESA, if the assessment is not done properly, the risk and liability associated with any unfound RECs remains and may cause even bigger headaches.  That won’t happen with Terra Environmental. Our Phase I studies are completed by staff members that have been doing this kind of work for 20+ years, not 2+ months. Why pay good money for inferior work that will later be scrutinized by high-paid attorneys?