The Investigation Phase

At this stage of any environmental project, having the right team with the necessary expertise and experience is paramount.  Determining the presence, source, and extent of contamination means everything.  Terra Environmental’s experienced team of Licensed Professional Geologists (LPG), Biologists, Certified Hazardous Materials Managers (CHMM), Environmental Scientists, and Asbestos Building Inspectors will ensure this critical goal is achieved. Once the site has been assessed either through a  Phase I ESA or other research and is found to have a Recognized Environmental Condition (REC), the project is then moved into the investigation phase.

This portion of the project is known as a Phase II Environmental Site Assessment  (Phase II ESA). Experience allows us to determine the presence, extent, and source of the problem and to select the appropriate investigation technique for your project.  Quality site investigation data is critical in the development of the Conceptual Site Model.  Terra Environmental strives to ensure that the data we collect are of the highest quality.  To help you save time and money during the Phase II process, Terra Environmental has pre-negotiated laboratory and analytical costs and we utilize our own boring equipment. These pre-negotiated fees and access to equipment help us to be efficient and economical in managing your project.

See complete list of commonly employed techniques here.