National Ground Water Association Presentation

“Determination of the radius of influence for chemical treatment in an unconfined aquifer”









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Presentation Slide Summary:

Slide 1: Determination of the radius of influence for chemical treatment in an unconfined aquifer

Slide 2: Area Map: Hammond, Lake County Indiana

Slide 3: Terra Environmental Corporation Boring Log

Slide 4: Groundwater Flow

Slide 5: Cross Section

Slide 6: Pre-Treatment: Groudwater Plume

Slide 7: Pilot Test

Slide 8: Pilot Test

Slide 9: Pilot Test Results

Slide 10: Treatment Design

Slide 11: Implementation

Slide 12: Water Elevation Monitoring

Slide 13: Water Elevation Monitoring

Slide 14: Radial Pressure Response

Slide 15: Groundwater Stability Monitoring

Slide 16: Groundwater Stability Monitoring

Slide 17: Pre-Treatment: Groundwater Plume

Slide 18: Post Treatment: Groundwater Plume

Slide 19: Analytical Response: Perimeter Well

Slide 20: Analytical Results: Source Well

Slide 21: Pre-Treatment: Soil Plume

Slide 22: Post Treatment: Soil Plume

Slide 23: Problems: Application performed during low water level period

Slide 24: Solution: Smear Zone

Slide 25: Solution: Treatment at High Water Table

Slide 26: Problem: Application period driven by regulatory agency instead of site conditions

Slide 27: Solution: Remedial Work Plan

Slide 28: Solution: Continuous Water Level Monitoring

Slide 29: Problem: Application design does not consider contaminant concentration distribution

Slide 30: Solution: Treatment Design Based on Distribution of Contaminant

Slide 31: Conclusions

Slide 32: Questions?