Phase II Environmental Site Assessment

Terra Environmental’s team of professionals have a diverse range of education, experience, and tools that can be combined together so that you receive the right results from the Phase II Environmental Site Assessment. You will benefit from the experience and education of our onsite personnel and can trust that the techniques used will be efficient, precise, and consistent with the geology and regulatory needs. Phase II ESAs evaluate the magnitude and distribution of the chemicals of concern by examining the interactions between the contaminants and the environment.

At Terra Environmental, we enjoy the challenge of finding the right solution.  Expertise accumulated over our 65 years of combined experience enables us to consistently find the best and most efficient ways to solve problems. That’s why you can be confident that when we interpret the data from our investigations, we will use it to take the right steps for your site. Site investigation techniques we employ commonly include:

Site investigation techniques we employ commonly include:

+Initial site characterization using discrete soil and groundwater samples
– Soil borings and monitoring well installations
– Vertical and lateral profiles of groundwater and soil contaminants
+Groundwater modeling and contaminant modeling
– Plume identification
– Pump tests
+ Vapor Intrusion
– Background
– Subslab
– Indoor air
+ Geophysical techniques
– Ground Penetrating Radar(GPR)
– Magnatometer Survey
+ Innovative real time investigations
– Membrane Interface Probe (MIP)
– Hydrolic Profiling Tool (HPT)
– Onsite laboratories