Experienced and efficient environmental consulting

Don’t let the possibility of a recognized environmental condition (REC) keep you up at night. By consulting with the experts at Terra Environmental Corporation, you can identify any existing RECs in order to quantify your risk or reduce your anxiety. When you get the experts at Terra involved early, you can be assured that you are taking the right approach to avoid problems now and in the future. Customers who have benefited from our expertise include attorneys, banks, commercial real estate agents, insurance companies, petroleum dealers, and other businesses that may have a need for environmental services.

Serving You From Start to Finish

Founded in 1997, Terra Environmental Corporation is well-positioned to find the best environmental solution for you.  Our trusted and qualified team of professionals personally walks our clients through every step of the process.  You will have the opportunity to work directly with the owner and management team at Terra, assuring your needs are met.

The services we provide at Terra are based on a comprehensive strategy to effectively deal with the complexities of environmental regulations and site cleanup. The process we use takes into account all phases of site assessment to cleanup from beginning to end.

  1. Phase I: Environmental Site Assessment (ESA)
  2. Identify existing Recognized Environmental Conditions (RECs)
  1. Development of Site Conceptual Model
  2. Environmental impact assessment
  3. Environment condition resolution
  1. Remedial Action Plan Creation & Approval
  2. Remediation Implementation
  3. Demonstration of remedial goals
  4. Regulatory approved closure (no further action) and release of liability
Where do we start?

Phase I: Environmental Site Assessment